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No-one should have to suffer from anxiety.
Why Your Kids Have Anxiety and 
How to Help Them Get Rid of It  
Comprehensive Guide to Kids & Anxiety 1 hour Online Workshop
with psychotherapist, YouTuber and author of "You 1, Anxiety 0", Jodi Aman
  • Fastest ways to relieve their suffering
  •  Learn what to tell them to do when they have anxiety
  •  Have a deep understanding of anxiety, so you are not longer afraid of the future
  •   How you can be their best ally in recovery with very little time
  •   Avoid medications if that is your desire
  •  Know what this anxiety epidemic is how to free your kids from it - for good.
Bonus Video: "7 Ways To Help Kids with Anxiety" 
Give them tools to make adulthood easier
Learn how to get them feeling better, so you can get back to being a happy family, ready for adventure.
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Anxiety has taken enough of your family’s time and energy!
You want your house to be free from worry, uncertainty, and panic today!

I know you want to feel better. I can help!
I’m Jodi Aman. I’m a psychotherapist in Rochester, NY, and have been helping people overcome anxiety for over 20 years. You are not alone. I have lived through my own anxiety. I helped my kids go through it. I understand. And I know how to get rid of it. It’s time to break your family free!

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