Ready to free your child
           from the cage of Anxiety?
Watching Kids with Anxiety Breaks My Heart.
Dearest determined, loving parents grandparents and caregivers of kids with anxiety.
Thank you for caring so much about your little love to help him or her get anxiety out of your lives!
  •  Do you wish you could STOP anxiety, worries, irrational fears and nervousness in their tracks?
  •  Do you wish for no more tears, no more upset stomachs, no more conflict?
  •  Do you wish your kids no longer dug their heels in when they need to go somewhere?
  •  Do you wish to see your child smile again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are feeling a bit out of control right now. Keep reading because I’ve got your back. I’m going to tell you how to get your family back in control. 

You and I both know that watching your kids with anxiety suffer while you sit by helplessly is heartbreaking for you. I’ve been there so I know how you feel. You wonder if you are doing the right things to help them, you wonder if you have to get help for them, whether you ought to be exploring medicine, and you wonder if you are making things worse.

Parenting is such a guessing game at the best times. But when your child is suffering, you don’t want to guess. You want a sure thing that can help them the fastest and least intrusive way possible.

Danny (age 10) had crippling anxiety that seemed to come out of the blue. His parents, Jen and Mike, consulted his teacher and the school counselor and his primary care doctor for advice. They said “try deep breathing,” “decrease his stress,” and “take this medicine.” Jen and Mike were willing to try anything but these seemed almost too obvious and generic. And they tried to make his life as easy as they could, wracking their brain trying to understand why this happened, and beating themselves up because it may have been their fault.

After a few weeks, it seemed like the problem wasn’t going away. In fact, it was getting worse. Danny stopped being interested in activities that he used to love. He wanted to quit soccer, boy scouts and even refused to go skiing with his family. They were desperate and exhausted when they finally came to me.

I explained to them what anxiety was, and why it comes. And then, I told them exactly, precisely how to get rid of it, by de-powering anxiety and drawing out Danny’s skills and abilities. I gave them the particular steps to take and why they help. I told them what to expect and how to handle each step along the path sure to come.

I met with Danny and Jen a week later and he had a huge smile on his face. And a BIG smile on Jen’s face. Anxiety was gone and they were so happy!

I know that is exactly the results you want.

Forget the “things have to get worse before they get better” ideology. I don’t work that way. You want a painless approach and I have it.
It’s time to leverage your PARENTING POWER! 

👈🏽Know when to push and when to go easy,

🔑understand the key to keeping calm, 

❤️provide support, 👍🏼validate and 🍎teach essential life skills.
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Why are there Kids with Anxiety?

You are probably feeling out of control. I know just how you feel. I had kids with anxiety, too. They are now doing well and just like I helped Mike and Jen, in the last 20 years I have helped many more caregivers get their households by helping everyone think of anxiety in a different way – a totally deflated, powerless way. Then, I help kids see and feel the power and control that they do have. I tell parents exactly what to do to encourage and feed this new way of thinking. This begins a shift decreasing their anxiety daily until it is no longer a bother. These are the same ideas I have used in my practice to shrink anxiety for thousands of kids relieving countless families.

Anxiety costs families a lot in time, energy and money. It turns the whole family upside down, causes conflict, missed work, changed plans, broken toys from anger, missed activities that were paid for, and copayments for health care appointments. But you would do anything to help stop their suffering, so you keep going no matter how discouraging this is.

You might also wondering why this anxiety is happening. That’s a good question. There is so much pressure today and kids are increasingly feeling out of control. They are not as in touch with their own skills and abilities and this has them not trust the world and fear bad things happening. You have to FOCUS THEIR ATTENTION from their fears to taking action to live a happy life. You have to get them their confidence back.

I can show you exactly how! Would you want to gain access to my 20 years of experience counseling kids with anxiety (while raising a few of my own) right now? Would you want to ease your child’s suffering today?

I know you would do anything to stop this run away wagon. So I’m here for you. Introducing my Anxiety-Free Kids! – online video anxiety recovery program for parents and their kids.

Anxiety-Free Kids! is a comprehensive online program with videos for parents and their kids with anxiety to help them get rid of their worries and fears. When you sign up, you get everything all at once. Plus you get access to the program for life. It gives you tactical instructions on how to help your children overcome their fears and get back to having fun. You will discover why they get anxious, gain skills to get rid of it and learn how to help them take their power back!
Watch this video for a sneak peak into the program.
Jodi is the best selling author of You 1, Anxiety 0: Win your life back from fear and panic
Here is what other "Anxiety-Free Kids" parents have said:
  • “The videos are so kid-friendly and fun. They helped my child understand anxiety and not be so afraid of it. I learned so much and felt ike Jodi gets it. I even booked a session with her and this totally changed everything.” ~Jen (Mom of Kim, 12)
  • “Jodi explains things differently than anyone else I got advice from about Matthew (13). She helped me understand how anxiety can get out of hand and that doesn’t mean your child has a mental illness. Matt’s anxiety past quickly when we used the tools she taught. What a miracle!” ~Lindsay
  • “Even Jodi’s daughter is in the videos which really helped keep my Cloe’s (10) attention! I found the worksheets really helpful for taking down the power of anxiety! Thank God for Jodi!” ~Beth
You Get...
  •  Immediate access to over 20 videos, audios and fun handouts for you and your child.
  •  Find out exactly what to do when you can't stand to see your child suffer anymore!
  •  Kid-friendly videos featuring my baby girl, Miss Lily Aman!
  •  Hear directly from the horse's mouth as I interview Anxiety herself!
  •  Access to a private FB group and get support from people who know what you are going through.
Here is what you do...
  •  Register.
  •  You'll be emailed a link to the program with your password.
  •  Enjoy immediate access to watch, listen and review over 20 videos, audios and fun handouts for you and your child
  •  Move forward towards having fun and feeling free from anxiety!
Easy-squeezy, fast, and entertaining to watch relief – worth six face-to-face therapy sessions that would take much more time and energy – all delivered TODAY – for the price of a book.

You are your children’s best ally to get over their anxiety. They are taking their cue from you. Learn how to act, what to do, what to think and most importantly how to help them think and act to help themselves feel better.

There are 20 videos, audios and handout for you and your children to help your family get better fast. There are short videos for them to help them understand anxiety, and tells them what to do. And then there are longer videos for you parents to help you help them.
Take a look at the exciting, guaranteed FUN-filled, titles in the program!
(Kids can watch all of the videos, but the parents’ video are longer and more in depth!)

Kids' Videos
  •  Welcome kids!
  •  Meet Anxiety
  •  Why do kids get anxiety?
  •  Tapping your Anxiety away!
  •  Anxiety's Tricks and Tactics
  •  Lessons from Harry Potter
  •  Finding your power!
  •  What would it be like if Anxiety got your letter?
Parents' Video
  •  Welcome parents!
  •  Where does Anxiety come from?
  •  Understand Anxiety
  •  Model Confidence and Calm
  •  Externalize the worry
  •  Teaching skills
  •  Taking action
  •  Dr. Zendi discusses medication and nutrition
  •  School Anxiety
  •  Anxiety and Anger
  •  What to do if it comes back
Do you want to STOP your child feeling like this?
It’s time for you to live your life and be happy without the struggles and suffering from anxiety and panic! 

You are not alone. I know first-hand how horrible anxiety feels. That’s why I want to help you, because I have been where you are. I had anxiety for two decades before I totally cured myself of it. Then, in the next 20 years, I helped thousands of people recovery from anxiety with these same skills. And now I want to help you.

My clients say that it helps them so much that I understand what they are going through. I know anxiety in a way that other therapists don’t. I get them. I get you.

That is why I put together Anxiety-Free Me! Online anxiety recovery program. So that you don’t have to suffer anymore.

This is what I learned that you need to know and do to get rid of anxiety…
This comes from my heart to yours,



P.S. I can’t stand that there are tons of kids and families suffering, so I offer this comprehensive program with everything you need to get your child better, easy to consume and delivered immediately.

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