LET GO OF THE PAST THAT HAUNTS YOU.    
Do you find yourself thinking about your past throughout your day?
Having conversations with the person who hurt you in your mind?
Feeling stuck, because it makes you feel scared of your future? (& just plain scared in general)
Do you find yourself defending that it still bothers you?
Do you also BLAME yourself that it still bothers you?
Do you feel that the act was unforgivable?
Do you want to let it go - get rid of the negative energy of it - but you don't know how? 

Forgive yourself and Others
MASTERCLASS with Jodi Aman
Four parts:
-Understand why it is so hard
-Get rid of the past that haunts you
-Feel lighter and more present in life
-Feel connected and empowered 
-Be freer in good relationships
-Embrace your life purpose without distraction
-Free yourself from pain
-Heal physical ailments
TANGIBLE, practical Help For Letting Go you can't find anywhere else
Holding on is painful. You know it. I know it. 
  • Benefit #1: Get out of the cage that keeps you stuck and feeling alone.
  •  Benefit #2: Your issues are in your tissues, so letting go helps heal physical ailments. 
  •  Benefit #3: Be the YOU, that you WANT to be. 
  •  Benefit #4: Have more confidence going into your future. 
  •  Benefit #5: Stop thinking, start being.
  •  Benefit #6: Feel calm and worthy. 
  •  Benefit #7: Build self-reliance!
  •  Benefit #8: Feel safer and protected. 
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You're Going to Love this Forgive Yourself and Others Masterclass
No Catch, No Gimmics. Just Relief.
Comprehensive-answers all of your questions:
What if I don't deserve forgiveness?
What if the other person doesn't deserve forgiveness?
Why can't I let it go?
Why can't I stop thinking about it?
What happened? Why did it happen?

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